Alden & Patterson – so much more than just grown up ‘Folk Kids’


The transformation from Froize Restaurant to exquisite little theatre takes a smidgen of effort that is more than worth it…. 

Folk at the Froize (now in it’s seventh year!) appears as if by magic once a month to bring sublime musicianship, song-writing skills and beautiful singing to our special little corner of rural Suffolk.

By 6.30pm with sound check complete, the doors of Froize opened to welcome our hungry guests to quench their thirsts and tuck into a host of tasty supper delights ahead of the 7.30pm performance. What a treat lay in store as we welcomed the return of Christina Alden and Alex Patterson.

Long time friends of Froize – Christina and Alex gave us an evening of blissful, enchanting, delightful musicianship – right from the opening track ‘Brooklyn’ 

…through to a rousing acoustic encore version of ‘Blow boys blow’ 

Personally, I did love ‘The Greenland Shark’ ‘The Fox Song’ and ‘Hunter’ 

During the two sets (sandwiched with a pudding break of course!) we were treated to a succession of works highlighting Christina and Alex’s song writing skills along with their love of the natural world. Many songs were taken from their CD ‘Hunter’

Crafted during lockdown, recorded and produced by themselves… it’s a stunner!

The evening sped by with song after song highlighting Christina’s captivating voice alongside gentle, smooth harmonies with Alex… add in guitar, banjo, violin and more… all expertly mixed by Jon Hart on sound, it made for a memorable evening.

Alden and Patterson have plenty of gigs coming up this year – full details on their web site 

We shall see them next at Folk East in August when they will be playing along side their good friends The Shackleton Trio as a combined force known as ‘Kitewing’

In the meantime, I shall be playing ‘Hunter’ quite a lot!


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