“Don’t get a therapist … get a bodhran”

One year ago in October we had our very first Folk at the Froize featuring the wonderful Black Feathers. We can’t believe how quickly our first year has gone. It has been such a fantastic success and we’d like to take the opportunity to say a massive thank you to everybody who has joined us, both artists and audience alike, who have helped to grow and make our Sunday nights in sleepy Chillesford so extra special. You are all such wonderful listeners and that means the world to our touring musical artists.

So … with only a matter of hours to go before Gilmore and Roberts grace the stage (so excited right now) … I thought it was about time that I just took a moment to remind us all of last month’s event with Richard Granger and the John Ward trio. Our wonderful hosts (and masterful chefs), David and Louise, had pegged this particular event as a fringe event of the Aldeburgh Food and Drink festival (at nearby Snape Maltings), so there was a bit of a seaside theme with stories of Teeside to the Thames, and lots of brand new faces in the audience.

John, Lynn and Les started off the evening with some foot stomping tunes, strong three part vocal harmonies and my goodness … that boy John can sure play a bodhran! He has some serious skills (he tried to teach me once … just the once … needless to say I was rubbish) and his bodhran solo got rapturous applause! We do love a good drum solo at FATF! It took me back to the Sam Kelly Trio with Evan and his equally impressive bodhran handy work. I thought it was quite funny when John said that you don’t need to get a therapist … just get a bodhran (so bare that in mind folks for all those times when you feel like you need to hit something … much cheaper and funner solution).


I think I would class Richard as one of the most traditionally ‘folky’ acts that we’ve had grace the stage at the Froize. With his delicate guitar work and solo laments he has enjoyed many successful years as a touring artist, both in the UK and internationally. He has met many people along the way and likes to share tales of his experiences, and those of others through his songs … a lot were about his travels over to west coast of Canada (yet another touring musician who I can envy … must get myself over to that part of the world) 🙂

As always, Louise and David cooked up another feast for our eyes and tummies. It’s been a pleasure to enjoy so much wholesome and hearty food over the past year. Never before have I enjoyed so many varieties of hummus, and of course Honey & the bear sausages (as they are now called due to my addiction … I’m going to start looking like a sausage if I’m not careful).

… And, just to whet your whistles for this evenings performance, here is a little video of the amazing Gilmore and Roberts!