East Meets East at Folk at the Froize 10

It’s been such a long time since I last wrote a blog, I’ve almost forgotten how to do it … but I’ll tell you one thing I won’t ever forget … Sunday the 24th July 2016! My goodness … what a wonderful evening! What talented performers! What amazing food! And how fan-diddilly-tastic it felt to shake it loose on the dance floor!

David, Louise, Jon and I had been planning a ‘big one’ for the 24th since I came across the East pointers online back in February. I instantly fell in love with their upbeat jigs and reels (I bounced round the kitchen like a nutter … Jon will vouch for that) so sent a hopeful email to David that he might like them too … and he did! Whoop! We decided they were so good, and coming sooooooo far (Prince Edward island in Canada) that we couldn’t possibly make it a normal sit down folk at the Froize … we needed more ears to appreciate their talents …
So …
We took a gamble on the weather (eeeek … never a good idea in the good ole British Isles eh) but it paid off! A balmy 20 degrees at midnight! Wow!
The garden was festooned with lights … spirits were running high … laughs aplenty.
David and Louise decided that every member of the audience would become a vegan for the night … and my they did us proud. What a feast! Yummy curry, a delicious tagine and imaginative salads featuring a variety of homegrown foods from their garden (I should probably explain that the East Pointer boys are all vegan … hence the extra effort to make sure they would feel welcome, comfortable and free to ‘dig in ‘ like the rest of us).
Now … The music…
As the sun was setting and the fire pit roared into life, the East Pointers took to the stage. Now … I could just gush about how amazing The East Pointers are (which lets face it …I probably will) but the thing that struck me the most was not just their musical talents, but how friendly they were! Such lovely guys! (I was also totally fascinated listening to their accents … they seem to have a little Irish inflection on certain words … So cute) 
Featuring Tim Chaisson (on fiddle and percussion) Koady Chaisson (on banjo) and Jake Charon (on guitar), the boys cooked up a stormer of a set … foot stomping tunes … interspersed with delicate thought provoking lyrical songs … and being a complete sucker for a 3 part harmony, ripping fiddle and banjo in any form whatsoever… I was quite simply in heaven. I think everyone in the audience was caught in their spell that evening! Hanging on every word just like me. I’m so happy we have a copy of the CD (which is excellent by the way … we’ve played it in the car about 100 times already). I really hope they’ll return to the Froize one day soon.

Our support act were Norwich based Alden Patterson and Dashwood (whose hand drawn EP artwork was just gorgeous). I’ve seen each member of this band is various different guises on the Norwich music scene (as a woodland creature, as a murphies law-er and as a vagabander) three equally fantastic bands … and I think this offshoot is even better! Featuring gorgeous three part harmonies, lush fiddle embellishments and the soaring tones of the dobro … I loved every second of this new joint venture. Can’t wait to hear them at Folkeast where I hope their new album will be on sale (I know I’ll be queuing for a signed copy) I hope you’ve got your tickets for Folkeast folks … Not many weeks to go now!

Massive thanks to Tony Bell for being a whizz with the camera. Here’s a little video he took on the night (in which the honey & the bear behinds feature heavily i’m afraid … we apologise for being numpties and standing in front of the camera … Jon asked me not to mention our behinds because he’s embarrassed … (Bless) … But Tony said he does like to ‘get behind’ Suffolk based artists (hoho))
Can I just add that I am so proud of Jon too. He worked his ‘behind’ off (teehee … there i go again … i’ll be in the bad books) all afternoon getting the sound and lights prepared … and I think he did such a fantastic job! (that boy should do it for a living … Oh wait … he does) 🙂 I heard so many lovely comments from people about how great it sounded, so clear and balanced … The EP’s and AP&D were chuffed with their stage sound too. The poor boy was still packing things up at 12:30am whilst we all relaxed and cuddled puppies!!! Such a trooper.
Here is a link to Tony’s photo album of the night too. He got some cracking pics: 500px.com/tonybell/galleries/folk-at-the-froize
Can’t wait to see you all again at the next Folk at the Froize event on the 28th August (the week after Folkeast) where we will be entertained by London based TEYR who feature an instrument not yet seen at the Froize (‘uilleann pipes’ … which is a name I don’t even know how to say!) and more three part harmonies (Yay! I am going to be a very happy bunny).
Support will be from 16 year old Jess Simmons from Suffolk, who has such a gorgeous and mature voice for a girl of her age. Can’t wait to hear her live.
Until then, take care.
Lucy xx