'REVEL'ing in the sheer JOY of tarren's debut album


It was quite a last minute dash over to the Froize for me on the 23rd but I was very keen to see Tarren (as I’d heard wonderful reports), and in the absence of our dear Kelly Bayfield (who is galavanting up in Scotland), I felt it my duty to come and welcome the three of them to the Froize stage. And boy, was I glad I did!

After filling our bellies full of incredible Froize food (the lamb tagine OMG!!), a full-to-bursting room sat down to enjoy the first half.

To begin the evenings entertainment, I had the pleasure of welcoming Jess Simmons back to the Froize stage for the first time since 2017. She’s grown up alot since then, although still very much a young lady at the tender age of 23. Her voice is still as pure and clear as ever as she shares songs of her experiences, full of emotion with a raw edge to her vocal. She tells me that her latest release ‘Maybe’ is now out on Spotify, recorded at The Recording Booth by David Booth who was her sponsor for her appearance at the Froize. A beautiful set Jess, thank you for coming over to share your music with us once again.

After a very short switch over, ‘Tarren’ took to the stage. A brand new group from Bristol, Tarren were born in of the confines of lockdown when they shared music online as a way of keeping their creativity alive whilst the music industry went into hibernation mode. Therefore, it was sheer joy to celebrate with them by presenting them with a room full of eager ears.

The Froize was their seventh stop on the tour of their debut album ‘Revel’, a wonderfully colourful album, both literally and musically. With traditional dance at its heart, Tarren put a new spin on traditional themes. With Alex Garden on fiddle, Sid Goldsmith on cittern and vocals and Danny Pedler on accordian and vocals, their musicianship is second to none. I only managed to catch two songs before I had to go home and complete my mummy duties, but what I saw was incredibly compelling and entertaining, I wish I could have stayed for the rest of it. Over to you David …


Guest blogger

Tarren – 2nd half-blogger! 

…..the momentary and seamless break between Jess Simmons delightful opening set and Tarren taking to the stage, made the audiences wait for ‘pudding’ quite bearable… and what an exceptional first set it was.

Featuring plenty of material from their debut album ‘Revel’ the sheer joy shared in the music Tarren perform shone through… 

A terrific version of the classic ‘Rigs of the Time’ allowed us to appreciate Sid’s well versed folk voice. Yet it was the gentle connection between these three highly competent musicians that shone through with each and every number. 

The end of the first half was greeted by rapturous applause from an audience eager to stretch their legs, charge their glasses and savour their awaited desserts (the apple and rhubarb crumble was definitely the no.1 fav!)

Suitably comforted, Sid, Alex and Danny then produced a most wonderful main set of tunes and songs – ‘Spring Polkas’ would definitely have had the vast majority of the audience up and dancing if we had a bigger venue!

 A double set of tunes as an encore brought many to their feet in admiration of another magical Folk at the Froize night and calls for Tarren to return again please. 

PS. Big thanks to everyone involved and a special mention to John Wood for what was apparently, a very impressive breakfast for the boys on the Monday morning. (Liz and John are just one of our amazing accommodation providers for the travelling musicians) 


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