What a fantastic first event

Gorgeous vocal harmonies and finger picking skills … what a treat!

Well, I don’t know about you, but I think that for an event still wearing the stabilisers, Folk at the Froize kicked off to a ruddy great start this past Sunday!

Robert Castellani gave a fantastic opening set with the sheer speed and dexterity of his guitar techniques leaving everyone in awe. You could have heard a pin drop the audience were so enraptured. Personally, this was the first time I had seen Robert perform live, after hearing a lot of good things about him in musical circles over the last couple of years. He certainly didn’t disappoint. I can see why he has been nominated for the National Guitarist of the Year so many times.  I think he left every guitarist (and non guitarist) in the audience thinking “i wish i could play like that”.

Massive thanks to David, Louise and their team at the Froize who put on one heck of a scrummy feast for us after Roberts set. My tummy had been rumbling since I first got a whiff of it cooking! Seriously good grub! There was soooo much to go round, people went back for seconds (and thirds) … we certainly did a very good job of polishing it all off.
When everyone was feeling comfortably full, we then sat down for the main act, The Black feathers. And wow, did they put on a great performance. They are so in tune with each other, and I don’t just mean vocally … you can see that they put their all into every single moment of every song. They really feel the music and its beautiful to watch. I enjoyed the witty married-couple-banter that came in-between the songs too. Sadly Ray’s guitar malfunctioned after the third song, which meant they had to continue the set totally acoustically (apologies to the people who may have struggled to hear at the back) but they coped wonderfully with the technical issue and continued to give a stunning performance.
I have to admit, since the event finished, I have been listening to their album (which is bloody brilliant) on repeat. It has been so well produced, I really am so pleased for them. They are such lovely people, and I wish them every success for the future.

Our next Folk at the Froize event in on the 29th November featuring Hattie Briggs (who funnily enough lives down the road from the Black Feathers … there must be something in the water over there) with support from Fern Teather (who real eases her debut album this coming friday night (30th) at Danceeats in Ipswich). To book tickets give David a call on 01394 450282.Were you at the first Folk at the Froize? If so, we’d love to hear what you think and get your feedback. Perhaps you may have some suggestions as to how we could improve Folk at the Froize. Please email info@froize.co.uk

Hello folks … sorry this post has been such a long time coming … but here’s a little reminder of the wonderful Folk at the Froize we experienced in November …

I have to admit … I had a ‘moment’ that Sunday evening … the tears started to well up … shivers ran down my spine and I felt totally overwhelmed by the beauty of what I was hearing ( seriously … this only happens to me at very special moments ) … Hattie’s voice was simply stunning. It flowed out with such ease, and her songs were so well crafted, I felt very honoured to have been witnessing such a pro perform. The cello accompaniment  provided by Asha was the perfect back drop to her songs. I particularly enjoyed her tales of song inspiration which were delivered in a very laid back fashion. We were also treated to her Christmas single ‘Turn on the lights’ (video above) which was very poignant (yet  another tearful moment … perhaps it’s an age thing? ) I think we can all agree (with no doubt ) that Hattie is destined for great things and we wish her every success for the future. We feel very humbled that she came to perform at our little ‘doo’ in the country!

And of course, let’s not forget the lovely performance at the start of the evening by local, incredibly young and talented songwriter,Fern Teather , who sang tracks from her wonderful debut album ‘Hiding in the dark’ ( you can buy it here folks ), accompanied by everyones favourite drummer Sam ‘bongo boy’ Thurlow. Fern also played her own Christmas creation ‘ Every Christmas ‘ which set off all the tingly festive feelings ( prematurely of course because it was November … but there’s nothing wrong with that ).

And then there was the fooooood … omg … what can I say … David and Louise, you did it again 🙂 a marvellous feast that made me so full I could pop ( and I felt very lucky to go home with my own special stash of delicious honey sesame sausages … (thanks again louise …you’re my favourite .. don’t tell David) )

We’re developing quite a lovely folksy and foody family down at the Froize which we hope will only grow and grow. We’ve got some wonderful acts lined up for you in 2016. Don’t miss our Christmas special on the 20th of December featuring the Broadside Boys , Tilly Dalglish and some weird ole couple called Honey & The Bear … ( they let any ole riff raff in these days ) 🙂 Tickets are on sale NOW and they are selling out fast folks so get in quick! Call David on 01394 450282.

See you there 🙂