Guided Wildlife Walk: Thurs 14th Sept 2023 – Bon Voyage! – Africa here we come!


Autumn passage will now be in full swing and hopefully we’ll catch up with a good selection of birds as they make their way south. Swallow and House Martins should be bounding through in their hundreds and coastal bushes are often alive with passage migrants. preeWhinchats and Wheatears  journey to Africa is one of the longest migrations of any species. Its change over time and as some species depart, others arrive. Short-eared Owls are frequently noted as they quarter coastal marshes often in the company of Barn Owls. 

Leaders: John Grant and David Walsh.

  • Starting at 8.30am at the Froize for tea and coffee
  • Includes a two-course lunch (please inform us of your dietary requirements)

Numbers are limited – Early booking advised.