Guided Wildlife Walk: Thurs 27th June 2024 – Nightjars and other night dwellers


This is one of Froize Birding’s most popular events of the year, so please don’t miss out.  You’ll need to book your places early.  We visit a local heath to listen for the eerie sound of the Nightjar.  After supper, we station ourselves on a highpoint to overlook blankets of heather and wait patiently for dusk to approach. Once the Blackbird alarms fade into silence (Blackbirds are always last to go to bed), we’ll stand and listen for the first calls of the Nightjars.  Their “churring” song can go on for hours, varying in pitch as a perched bird turns its head. The courtship displays are amazing with the male clapping its wings and gliding slowly over birch, pine and heather belts. The duet from the local Tawny Owls is so pleasant to hear, the males giving that deep “whoooo” and the females answering with a “kew-vik”. Hence the term “Too’wit T’woo”.

Leaders: John Grant and David Walsh

  • Starting at 7pm at the Froize.
  • Includes a delicious two course supper at the Froize (please inform us of your dietary requirements)

Numbers are limited – Early booking advised.