Sam and the family band … (I’m still smiling)

It’s almost come around to our next Folk at the Froize, but I thought I’d better not let the opportunity slip through my fingers to have a good gush about last months event featuring the fantastically folky Mr Sam Carter and the most adorable family band I think I’ve ever seen perform.

I have to say, I got ridiculously excited during soundcheck of the (not yet named) ‘family band’ featuring Ross on guitar/vocals, Ali on flute/vocals, 14 year old Eliza on vocals/violin and 11 year old Sam on miniature cello 🙂 … they just sounded soo amazing, I couldn’t wait for them to kick of the event and leave every single person in the room gob smacked like I was. Now, I’m not one to get maternal usually, but I swelled with pride at hearing Eliza sing that Kate Bush cover ‘Running up that hill’. Such an original take on the song, sung beautifully and delivered with such class, (I found myself turning to Jon and requesting to have children so we can start our own family band right away) 🙂 Massive thanks to Ross, Ali, Eliza and Sam for giving up their Sunday evening to come and perform for us at the Froize. You’ve definitely gained 55 new fans. If you weren’t able to make it, below is a clip of their Kate Bush cover, recorded by our good friend Tony Bell, of Grapevine Magazine.

And then came Mr Carter … who, by the way, has just released his FABULOUS new album, ‘How the city sings’, which Jon and I have been listening to on repeat since the event (we’ve decided that track 07 – ‘Our kind of Harmony’ – was actually written about us, so thank you Sam). (You can buy it ->here<-)

In fact, he played many of the songs from his new album on the night, and he even managed to get us all singing along too! See the video below, once again provided by Tony Bell (thank you Tony for your wonderful photography and videography skills .. where would we be without you)

I have to say, from a musicians point of view, watching Sam did make me slightly envious (and i think Jon was slightly envious of his manicured nails … perfect for guitar picking, but hellish to keep up apparently …. I wouldn’t know (stubby fingers)) Sam could make that guitar talk in a way I haven’t seen anybody do so before, and I found myself, much like with Januarys event with Dan Walsh, wanting to go home and pick up my guitar/banjo straight away and magically absorb all his skills. Another terrific night of music all round. I might be biased, but I’d say these nights just keep getting better and better.

Once again, David and Louise made sure we were all full to the brim with their delightful Suffolk tapas. Always ones to oblige, they even made a whole selection of gluten free food for one member of the audience (who went home with a crate FULL of food … and I’m not even exaggerating) Aren’t they just the loveliest hosts ever?!!

We hope to see some of you at our next event on the 27th March featuring Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar, with support from Kev Walford and Kelly Pritchard (which I am told is now sold out, so if you were hoping to come, soooorrrry … too late). But, you CAN buy tickets for our April event, which will feature Sam Kelly and the Lost Boys (The Sam Kelly Trio). Call David on 01394 450282 to buy yours before it’s too late (again)!